“Beautiful Jesus”


Born in the wonderful year of 1973, Maury experienced what he believes to be the best music in American history as he grew up in the 80s and 90s. From the emergence of metal to the American adoption of European disco, music was blooming and causing everyone to pay attention.

It was during this time, Maury discovered his love for the guitar. From the age of 13, he had a guitar slung over his shoulder more often than not — regularly testing his parents’ patience as he played louder than necessary in his bedroom.

It was also during this time, Maury felt God calling him into ministry. Not knowing what that entirely meant — but loving Jesus — he pressed forward, growing in his faith.

While studying Theology, Religious Education, and Philosophy in college, Maury kept at his music, highly influenced by hard rock and metal bands. Then, right before graduation, Maury felt a refinement in the calling to ministry he had received so many years before: it was time to merge his love of music and the call to minister for Jesus.

Maury found himself a worship leader. For many, many years.

Fast-forward through life’s ups and downs and changes — Maury finally retired from leading worship in 2015. So it was time for younger folks to take the mantle.

But the desire to lead kept burning. Maury played here and there in various churches to help, but he never led.

Then his wife decided she wanted to have a 40th Birthday party — and Maury saw this as the perfect opportunity to come out of retirement to surprise his wife, who always enjoyed him leading worship.

And now, Maury is working on recording the songs he sang for so many years. It’s time for new ears to hear more music about Jesus.