Pickups and electronics can significantly improve your guitar’s tone — let me do the back-end work and get your guitar sounding just the way you want. I can also take care of pretty much any other hardware upgrade or change, including machine heads, bridge replacement, saddles, pots, jacks, and more.

Passive Pickup Installation

  1. $50 for 1 pickup
  2. $75 for 2 pickups
  3. $90 for 3 pickups

Complete Rewire

  1. $150 (plus capacitor), starting price

Machine Head (Tuners) Install

  1. $50 (plus tuners and strings)

Service Includes

  1. Installing, stretching, and tuning new strings

Miscellaneous Hardware

  1. Bridge replacement, saddles, pots, jacks, and more. Contact me for specific inquiries and estimates.